Our Services

The company provides all clients with medicines, cosmetics, nutritional supplements and medical supplies.

1- Establishing companies within 20 days for cosmetic companies … and 30 days for pharmaceutical companies in addition to providing a pharmacist to register as a responsible manager for pharmaceutical companies.
2- Providing all contracts with cosmetic factories, medicines and nutritional supplements.
3- Providing agencies imported from any country with all the documents required for registration, import, and customs release.
4- Providing all dealings with packaging factories with special prices for all cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and nutritional supplement packages.
5- Registration of imported and local cosmetics, medicines, nutritional supplements, and Food Institute products
6 – Contracts with drug stores and cosmetic stores to register the importers’ registration record.
7- Releasing medical supplies ((such as supplies for medical clinics – beauty machines for the beauty center – and beauty clinics, etc.))
8- Buying and selling pharmaceutical files, cosmetics, local and imported food supplements, and food products registered or under registration.
9- Designing cosmetic, pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging
10- Designing the websites of any company at a very convenient time and at great prices.
11- Import approvals for all imported devices related to the Ministry of Health.

1- Filling all types and sizes of powder
2- Chicopon is supported by vitamins of all sizes and colors
3- Chewable tablets, all combinations
4- GUMMY: different shapes and colors, fortified with vitamins and omega
5- Strepsils take all flavors required by tape or coated tablets
6- All kinds of essential oils
7- Drying all kinds of fruits and vegetables
8- Protein bar different foods
9- Toffee pieces / chocolates fortified with iron or calcium
10-fat burning frankincense
11- Liquid chocolate (Nutella), fortified with iron and vitamins