The idea of ​​establishing the company started in 2014 to produce the market needs of some brands of cosmetic agents from major companies in the field and then the development of production to cosmetics produced from natural materials. Hence the idea of ​​switching from cosmetic production to natural supplements used in the medical field.

Our experiments and studies have had a great impact in reaching the latest methods of production that aimed at health of man with consideration that our products are completely natural.

The company has achieved a big progress in production where its products gain the trust of customers, and the company was able during that period to obtain ISO 9001 and registration of its own brand.

We were keen to get our products to conform to the Egyptian and international quality specifications and conformity with the Ministry of Health laboratories.

After the company was manufacturing with others, the company was able to establish its own factory in Alexandria to manufacture food supplements and we are the direct supervisors to manufacture our products and we have started production in 2020.

To be one of the companies that invade the African and global market and raise the slogan Made in Egypt with pride.

The company is registered in the Egyptian Food Safety Authority in addition to the Egyptian Organization for Standardization.