What are Private Label Supplements?

Private label products are manufactured by one company and then sold under the brand of another company. Many supplement businesses choose this option because it is more affordable and frees up valuable time and resources. By choosing private label supplements, you’ll be able to get expert support in formulating and producing your product with the finest ingredients.

Private Label Categories


SoPharma’s catalog has a wide range of OVER 120 DIFFERENT products in stock to satisfy the most varied needs; from weight control products to dietary supplements and cosmeceuticals.


Hard capsules

Soft capsules

Viscous liquids


Fortified candy


SoPharma’s catalog has a wide range of OVER 120 DIFFERENT products in stock to satisfy the most varied needs; from weight control products to dietary supplements and cosmeceuticals.




Want to be our distributor?

Here is How it works

We discuss which products you’d like to get started with. Choose from one of our stock formulas from our product portfolio
Tell us how you would like your products customized. From logo design, product labels, to packing slips – our graphic designers can help.
Determine your order quantity, place your order, and let us deliver it to you or provide a full in-house fulfillment for your supplement brand.

Logistics and Distribution Services

Are you in the pharma, healthcare or high-tech industries and looking to protect your sensitive goods? Do you represent a retail company, looking for a cost-effective process to get your products from warehouse to shelf?

As one of the world’s leading logistics service providers, we understand that responding rapidly, flexibly and effectively to changing market conditions is key to future success. We’re a logistics partner that becomes an extension of your business, supporting you in all aspects of logistics.

We help companies manage their flow of goods from receiving to storage to order processing to shipment.

Running an e-commerce business can be tough, but when you partner with us, it doesn’t have to be. With our e-commerce and multichannel fulfillment services, you send us your inventory and we pick, pack, and ship everything to your customers.

Industry Expertise

If your unique supply chain needs some help, trust sulinda company that’s worked with, well, a lot of unique supply chains.
Standard procedures and solutions will only take your business so far. You need inspired thinking to go beyond the traditional limits. Our experts will help you find the right solution for your business, so whether you are looking for production, packaging, distribution services or e-commerce solutions, we are with you every step of the way.

Do More

With SoPharma 

Outsourced multichannel e-commerce fulfillment services to help you grow and innovate.


We can manage your entire process regardless of mode or carrier.

Temperature controlled fleet

You get pharma-level direct freight routing for both active and passive shipments. Ideal for high-value products requiring the strictest in-transit temperature ranges. Select services include built-in redundancy and contingency planning, plus proactive monitoring and intervention services for complete peace of mind.

Proven Results

With over 10,000+ satisfied customers, top selling products in the industry, and years of experience, we are your go to supplement shop. Let’s work together and take your business to the next level with constant supply of nutrition, beauty, and health supplement products.

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