Who are we?

– In its activities, SoPharma relied on its extensive experience and continuous monitoring of the latest technologies, which enabled it to keep pace with the best manufacturing methods while maintaining the health and safety of the consumer.

– Its products are manufactured entirely from natural ingredients. The company also provides innovative solutions in the fields of pharmaceutical and medical industries.

Our History

The Egyptian company SoPharma was established in 2014 in response to the growing demand for natural and healthy products, and to keep pace with the fierce competition in the local and global markets.

Since its establishment, the company has expanded its activity in the field of manufacturing medicines and nutritional supplements in Egypt, in addition to the production of medical cosmetics, with the continuous development of production lines in cooperation with major Egyptian factories.

Why Choose SoPharma?

– Moreover, SoPharma expanded from the local market to the Arab and international markets.

– It provided manufacturing and export logistical services to many Egyptian companies.

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